10 December: Algorave

We’re back with another Algorave! Expect a full immersive experience, where the growing community of live coders take the stage and showcase its diversity of expressions. Dance on the algorithms created on the spot by polyhedric visual artists and musicians, merge with sensational visual effects.

Line-up: Ephemeral Lunch Box / Niels Janssen / Heavy Lifting / Blaž Pavlica / Lil Bleep / digital selves / Flor de Fuego / t.mo / Sasj / Attrique Orgeat

Date: Saturday 10 Dec
Time: 22:00 - 2:00
Location: De Havenloods, Utrecht → VOGELFREI
Tickets: €10,-

Ticketlink: https://ccu.stager.nl/artmachines/tickets

Wil je weten wat je van een algorave kan verwachten? Bekijk hier onze vorige editie in samenwerking met Uncloud en NL_CL: